Buying your dream home can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Choosing to buy a listed building can be a huge investment but can sometimes become a money pit as the rules and regulations surrounding existing works and impending works can be a minefield to go through. This leaflet will hopefully give you some things to think about.



  1. Do your homework. Check on Historic England’s National Heritage List to see the history of property.


  1. If the property is listed always have a full structural survey carried out.


  1. Speak to a Surveyor regarding the best survey for the grade of listed building.


  1. Remember any building/restoration work will ALWAYS require Listed Building Consent in addition to any planning permission and/or building regulation approval. Permission would for example be needed for:-
  • Replacement windows.
  • Guttering
  • Roofing/flashings
  • Structural alterations or additions.


  1. If possible check the planning history of property.


  1. Check the local authorities’ specific guidelines for proposed works. You may need permission to erect a satellite dish or television aerial.


  1. Ensure your insurance is appropriate for the type of property/grading


  1. Remember that any works not covered by permission are illegal and as the owner you could face prosecution for works carried out by a predecessor.


  1. Always research the cost of any work, the cost can be higher than anticipated for a listed building.




  1. Don’t assume because there is listed building consent that this covers all works. ALWAYS ALWAYS check


  1. Don’t start any building or renovation work until all correct consents have been obtained.




A conservation area is an area of special architectural or historic interest. This will mean that permitted development rights are   limited or restricted  in conservation areas and planning permission will be required for certain external work to a property within a conservation area.


Before commencing any works ALWAYS ALWAYS check the local authority’s requirements