Online Divorce

The government has launched a website which makes it possible to complete the divorce process online. This means that a divorce petition is automatically prepared online on the basis of answers submitted by potential petitioners for divorce.  It is a very easy process to start, however there can be pitfalls along the way and this is why we would always suggest that it is vital to obtain legal advice from a specialist Divorce Solicitor before using the online divorce process. If your spouse refuses to respond to the petition then you could be left in a difficult position. This may involve amending the original divorce petition, which can be a costly and time consuming process. It is much better to have obtained legal advice before submitting the divorce petition rather than having to deal with issues afterwards.

There are other pitfalls that you will need to avoid. Something as simple as not ticking a box could leave you financially vulnerable in the future.

Financial Matters

It is also essential that you speak with a solicitor about financial matters. Even if you think there are no finances that need to be dealt with, you will still need to obtain a legally binding order. This will dismiss future claims and protect you from a claim from your former spouse years down the line.  It is very important to note that divorce does not conclude financial claims, contrary to popular belief.

How Can We Help?

We offer an initial meeting for a small fee during which you will be able to obtain advice on the whole process. We will ensure that you leave with a plan of action, you can then make informed decisions about how it is best for you to proceed.

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