The ONS (Office of National Statistics) recently confirmed that saying “I don’t!” is becoming the new “I do!”. In 2016, it was recorded that there were 3.3 million families cohabiting in the UK. This means that the amount of us saying “I don’t!” has double over the last ten years. Whether it be due to increased social mobility or simply just being content with how we are, cohabitation occurs in most of our lives.


However, even with the upwards trend, there are still very little rights conferred on a cohabiting couple as opposed to a married couple. Some of these differences are as follows:-


But don’t worry, marriage isn’t for everyone, but this should not stop you from being protected. So what can you do to protect your legal interests?

Enter into a Cohabitation Agreement

This is basically a contract between a cohabiting couple on all manner of things and are particularly useful in relation to property. Cohabitation Agreements are drafted to suit you and we are here to help do just that.

From declaring intentions of ownership of a property, how the household bills are split or even who is responsible for the gardening, Cohabitation Agreements are a great way to set out your “common intentions” as you build a life together.

In the event that the relationship unfortunately breaks down, the agreement can be used in a dispute to confirm your intentions and how assets should be split easily.


Write a will

Although we do not like to think about it, making a will is a logical step in everyone’s lives to ensure our loved ones are looked after when we pass. With writing a will, you can decide who deals with your affairs and who benefits from your assets. With Cohabitating couples, you can confirm that your share in a property or savings go to your partner for instance.


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