Islamic marriages continue to cause confusion as to whether they are legally recognised in the UK.  Briefly, it depends where the marriage took place.


If you have an Islamic marriage (nikkah) in the UK, then unless you have also had a civil ceremony, your marriage will not be recognised.  If, on the other hand, you marry abroad, in accordance with the law of that country, for example in Pakistan, then your marriage will be recognised in the UK and no civil ceremony will be required.


Our Family Team is able to provide discrete and entirely confidential legal advice to the Asian Community and we appreciate the need to take into account religious and cultural considerations.


Ruby Tufail in our Family Team speaks fluent Urdu and Punjabi and she is able to assist on matrimonial matters where you have had a nikkah and advise you of your options in the event of your marriage breaking down.  Ruby also has links with the local mosques in the area as well as the Islamic Sharia Council.  She is able to refer you to these organisations if you are seeking help or advice in relation to Islamic divorce (talaq) or other issues arising from the breakdown of the marriage such as the dowry (mehr).


We are:-

  • Experienced in Asian divorces/marriage breakdowns;
  • Able to offer you a solicitor who is fluent in Urdu/Punjabi;
  • Have links to the local mosques/imams and the Islamic Sharia Council;
  • Can arrange for translations of Arabic documentation including marriage certificates;
  • Able to arrange for duplicate marriage certificates directly from Pakistan;
  • Alert to the issues surrounding the mehr;
  • Understanding of the sensitive, confidential and international elements and can guarantee absolute discretion;
  • Able to advise in relation to issues regarding children;
  • Able to advise in relation to forced marriages and nullity as well as divorce.


Ruby speaks fluent Urdu and Punjabi.  Please contact Ruby on 0118 975 6622  or Get in touch with Ruby Tufail for more information.