Disputes Between Parents Or Family Members

When parties separate, children are the most important consideration. For this reason, in divorce proceedings the Court will want to ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place for the child(ren). The welfare of the child(ren) is the most paramount concern for a Court when considering what would be an appropriate financial settlement between the parents.

Consideration needs to be given to given to

  • where and with whom the child(ren) will live,
  • want time the child(ren) will spend, and what ‘contact’ they will have, with their parents or their wider family

There may be other issues which occur over time, such as

  • which school the child(ren) should attend,
  • the religious faith they should be brought up in, or
  • whether they should travel overseas (permanently or otherwise).

The best interests of the child(ren) should decide these issues, but what is in their best interests can change over time or parents may not agree as to what is in their best interests.

If agreement cannot be reached between the parents, then it may be that either one of them will have to make an application to the Court to assist in determining what is appropriate.

Disputes could be dealt with at mediation or through the Collaborative process, without recourse to the traditional approach of matters being negotiated through correspondence and / or through litigation through the Courts.

Disputes And Cases Involving The Local Authority

You may be in dispute with the Local Authority in care proceedings, or you may be involved in Adoption proceedings.

Our team includes a member of the Law Society’s Children Accrediation Scheme and can provide the specialist expertise required.

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