Non-married couples and financial settlements

It may be that a property is owned by both parties to a relationship or that one party is technically the sole owner of the property and the other party is claiming an interest in it. In either case, it is open to either party to make an application to the Court for an Order defining the parties’ respective interests in the property. The Court could also be asked to order a sale of a property in the absence of agreement, to enable a party’s interest to be realised.

Where children are involved it may be that, irrespective of what the parties’ respective interests in the property are, it’s necessary to make an application to the Court to ensure that the children’s best interests are observed, and that they are adequately housed.

Aside from property, there may be other outstanding financial issues, such as maintenance, that also need to be resolved

Disputes could be dealt with at mediation or through the Collaborative process, without recourse to the traditional approach of matters being negotiated through correspondence and / or through litigation through the Courts.

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