Wills and trusts

There is nothing to fear in making a Will – it’s a simple case of life planning and, as your life plans change, so should your Will. Make the time, make the effort, make a Will. You owe it to yourself and your family.

Everyone has an excuse for not making a Will:

  • “I’ve never found the time”. A little time could save endless, painful arguments and discussions after your death.
  • “I’m too young to make a Will”. The unexpected can happen and if you have children, you will want their futures to be safe and secure.
  • “It’s expensive”. Prices do vary, but making a Will is not expensive and could save your family a great deal of money in the long run.

A Will is a logical step in your life, rather like taking out insurance or starting a pension scheme. It is a statement of your intentions, so the people you want to benefit actually do so.

If you die ‘intestate’, without a Will, the law has a series of rules for who receives a share of the estate – and they may not be who you want.

A few things to remember if you don’t have a Will:

  • Your spouse or civil partner does not automatically inherit all your property and may have to sell the family home to ensure that all your relatives get their ‘fair share’.
  • If you and your spouse die, your children will be left without guardians and the state may decide who should look after them.
  • If you and your spouse die together, all of your property could pass to only one side of the family.
  • If you divorce, you may still wish to benefit your children from your former marriage.
  • Your family could fight over your belongings and personal items.
  • The taxman may end up with far more of your estate than you could ever imagine.
  • If you marry your existing Will becomes invalid.

Of course, your priorities will change throughout your life, according to your circumstances. But as your situation changes, so can your Will.

With a little thought and preparation, and some help from us, a Will can give you peace of mind while you are alive, and benefit others when you can no longer give them personal support.

We will help you overcome any fears you may have about making a Will and give you a fast, professional and personal service.

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