2020 is a year none of us will ever forget…

For THP Solicitors 2020 was already a year of change, as the Partnership completed a buyout in June. This was a significant moment for the firm and a time for reflection in the midst of the pandemic, with the Partners and staff having to think on their feet to deliver new, flexible legal services in a time of lock down and social distancing.

The Partners decided it was time to conduct a strategic review of the firm’s positioning to ensure it accurately reflected the firm, the evolving market place, their vision and values. From this brainstorming came various brand identity themes which led to the creation of the origami swan as THP Solicitors new logo. As well as the beautiful aesthetics we felt the logo represented many attributes of the firm:


  • Our offices in Henley and Reading are both located in close proximity to rivers – the Thames and the Loddon. Both rivers are known for being home to a bevy of swans and the birds are somewhat of a local symbol. 
  • Swans are known for gliding gracefully on the water’s surface but what is hidden from the eye is the activity going on beneath to move things forward. We feel this analogy reflects what we do at THP Solicitors – we provide a smooth service for our clients, making the hard work look easy, whilst behind the scenes we are putting all our efforts into delivering excellence.
  • Swans are associated with longevity – like the long-term relationships we build with our clients.
  • Swans are often considered elegant and dignified but they can also be forceful and protective. Again, like the swans we offer a professional and calm service but we will robustly defend and look after our clients if required. 


  • Origami is associated with stories of taking something made of paper and turning it into something real. We feel we do that with the law – we take regulations, legislation and case law and use these to help our clients achieve real life goals.
  • Origami is a highly skilled art form but its creation can appear deceptively simple. We know that the law is complex but we can drill down to the essence of what matters for our clients to make it appear straightforward. 
  • Folding origami is engaging and constructive but you must have discipline to precisely execute folds and creases, so it appeals to those with a meticulous nature. We pride ourselves on our precision and attention to detail.
  • Like origami, we’re versatile and innovative. We tailor our services, and how we deliver them, to meet the needs of our clients.