A team from THP Solicitors took part in the Spartan Sprint Race on 8th May 2022 in Henley to raise funds for the London Legal Support Trust (LLST).

For those unfamiliar with Spartan races, they are obstacle courses that test speed, strength and endurance. The THP team will have to conquer 20 off-road obstacles, including climbing walls, crawling under wire, traverse monkey bars, spear throws and of course mud. All in the name of access to justice for those who are most in need. The THP team is made up of our Residential Property conveyancers and includes Denise Stradling, Kathryn Bagley, Emily Jones and Emma Willoughby.

LLST offers support to a wide range of not for profit advice and legal services, which provide a key route to access for justice for vulnerable people who do not have the funds or resources available to pay for legal advice.